Bless you and Welcome … come on in … I’m guessing you have arrived here by chance or through web seeking because you are interested in Healing or subjects of a Spiritual and Psychic nature.  Whatever brought you to me was no accident, the energies that guide us to connect are alive and well, so stay a while, open the subtitles above and enjoy discovering what I can offer you with Readings, Healings, and Workshops.  My ultimate aim through healing and spiritual work is to introduce you to your best self, encouraging you to create your best future.  Your aims may include finding the answers to questions and issues in your life.  Should you decide to contact me, either in person or from a distance, I am looking forward to meeting you … love and blessings, from PATRICIA   Certificate Spiritual Counselling (USA); Certificates Reiki Healing I & II (NZ); Certificate Natural Healthcare (NZ), Author, Facilitator, Potentialist … providing you with Readings, Healings, Workshops and more … there are Posts (on the right of screen) perhaps with a message that is appropriate for you … click on the various page headings above to discover more about the work I do and the spiritual services I can offer …

MY READINGS PROCEDURE:  Clairvoyance is activated as soon as you give me permission to Read for you which happens when you agree to come and see me.  Even as I write your name in my appointment diary some channelling can happen.  The initial intuitive frequencies are assisted by pre-appointment Meditation, as well as Numerology and Tarot cards.  Even if I have a group of appointments throughout a day with no break between, I will meditate the previous day in order to open channelling for you.  Whether you attend the session or are at a distance, by contacting me you have begun the procedure of channelling spirit guidance for you.  I commence your Reading session verbally (or in writing) followed by a numerology introduction which reveals basic characteristics, strengths/ weaknesses and current issues that surround you.  While this is informing for the seeker it also assists me in establishing the psychic link.  I work with the name you are greeted by plus your birth date numbers.  I have found that concentrating on your personal numerology encourages the continuity of spiritual channelling and information additional to the practicalities of your name/numbers becomes evident.   I mostly Read for today and the future as this seems to be what most people are seeking guidance for but messages and images from the past can also appear in my Readings especially if they are still affecting you currently.  Following the numerology briefing I ask you to handle/mix the Tarot cards then give them back to me.  The Tarot cards illustrations can assist the appearance of ‘mind pictures’ and channelled messages that I receive then interpret and describe.  The mind pictures are like see-through film and can include maps, rooms, environments, people, etc.  I know the messages are channelled through me because the ensuing sentences structure is not my usual phraseology.  I sense rather than see your aura/energy mainly for health reasons, can sometimes see nearby an image of a person who has already passed on so am able to describe that protective spirit/guardian angel.  There are no guarantees of what will be channelled for anyone but I can assure you that if your spirit guide (guardian angel) wants you to know something you will get the message through my Reading.  Once your personal details are covered in the Reading, I may receive messages about other people who affect your life or are of concern to you, especially when you give me their name and/or age.  Readings are not necessarily prophesies, they take the form of opportunities you can identify and work with.

LATEST NEWS : I live in Helensville which is a small village in north-west  Auckland and your contact is invited to email patriciahealingyou@outlook.com or mobile phone/txt 0274297705.

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