RIGHT NOW am offering READINGS AT YOUR PLACE (single appointments or groups of three to five people individual sessions) … ALSO, am providing Readings at the Crystal Visions Holistic Market in the Methodist Church Hall, 400 New North Road on Saturday after Boxing Day, 27th December … will be there once a month … Crystal Visions Holistic Markets programme is on their website PLUS my appearances will be noted right here … just come along or prebook an appointment by emailing me patriciahealingyou@outlook.com (There is no auto-click into my email address on this website, PLEASE use your own email page to message me) … or Ph/Txt 0274 297705 (9am to 6pm please) for further information.  Have you read my latest Post, refer top right of this page, and if you wish to respond please write to my email address, I would love to hear from you … Namaste.  p.s. had a very good day for my first time at Crystal Visions Holistic Market in Kingsland Sat 22nd Nov … during your Reading as you sit facing me other activities do not interrupt … I received great positive feedback after doing each of the Readings that day, with gratitude and looking forward to meeting you at future market days, Patricia …

Bless you and Welcome to my website … come on in … I’m delighted you have chosen to visit my website and are interested in subjects of Spirituality and Healing.  Even cyberspace is a sacred space when it comes to what motivates us  Whatever brought you to me was no accident, the energies that guide us to connect are alive and well, so stay a while, open the subtitles above and enjoy discovering what I can offer you with Readings, Healings, Past Life Regressions and Workshops.  My ultimate aim is to introduce you to your best self, encouraging you to create your best future.  Your aims may include finding the answers to questions and issues in your life.  Should you decide to contact me, either in person or from a distance, I am looking forward to meeting you … with my Love and blessings from my wide open heart, Patricia …[Certificates in Reiki Healing I & II (NZ), Natural Healthcare (NZ), Holistic Healthcare (NZ), Spiritual Counselling (USA); offering Intuitive Psychic Readings for Personal and Business consultations, Past Life Regressions, Healings (Reiki and Energy Realignment), on-line Workshops in Numerology and Wellbeing, Author of two eBooks: "Laugh 'til You Cry" and "Come Sit With Me" under the pen-name of Tricia Christianson].

MY READINGS PROCEDURE:  Clairvoyance is activated as soon as you agree to have a Reading.  Even as I write your name in my appointment diary some channelling can happen.  Initial intuitive frequencies are assisted by Numerology and Tarot cards as your Reading session commences verbally (or in writing for Distance Readings) revealing issues that surround you. Tarot cards illustrations assist the ‘mind pictures’ that appear for me like see-through film accompanied by channelled messages which I receive then interpret and describe. These mind pictures can include maps, rooms, environments, people, and more; I also sense health issues and see images of people who have passed on.  There are no guarantees of what will be channelled but be assured if your Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels) want you to know something you will get the message through your Reading with me.

Meet me at the Crystal Visions Holistic Markets, or contact me direct by  email … patriciahealingyou@outlook.com (There is no auto-click into my email address on this website, PLEASE use your own email page to message me) … or Ph/Txt 0274 297705 (9am to 6pm please)